The doors opened thrice…

…Today, Monday morning, as I walked into the building where I work, on the ground floor, there was  a bunch of people waiting for the lift to come down. I joined them, and within seconds I found that there was one of the four lifts that was labelled “OUT OF ORDER”.

Everytime one of the ladies pressed the button marked ‘up’, the same life will go ‘ding dong’ and open the doors for us.

In fact, this happened twice, the same lift that was marked ‘OUT OF ORDER’, would again open the doors for us and no one will get in. Fortunately, I was the closest to that lift, and I thought, I am going to take  this chance – this lift was like inviting me. (and others), had been doing that for last two times and just because of that A4 printed OOO sign above it, I thought, I should not waste my time. I decided and announced a bit loudly, “I am gonna try this”. And I entered the opened doors….

I held my hand across the door sensor as if I invited more people in. and to my later surprise, everyone out there gathered a bit of couge! Everyone came in and did reach the floors they wanted.

I am still amused at how much time was wasted because of that misguiding sign up there. If the lift were a man, he would have already sued the company for defamation by that label!

(I later realised that there are chances that none of the other lifts would have opened except someone took and brought one down from the upper levels, that again is a very thin chance on a Monday morning at that time. Because, while there is one ‘working’ lift carriage already at the ground floor, it does not make much sense to me, as a programmer, to send another one to the same floor, despite of the multiple button-pressed requests.)

I was left pondering, how many decisions we take in life, how many of our choices are influenced by the people who really don’t care about us! Would the man who pasted that sheet over the lift doors have had any idea how many Monday mornings he could possibly make worse?

What do YOU think?


One Response to “The doors opened thrice…”

  1. એ liftના દરવાજા ત્રણ-ત્રણ વાર ખૂલ્યા… « મનિષ મિસ્ત્રીનાં Melbourne Musings Says:

    […] આજે સવારે થયેલ એક અનુભવ મેં મારા અંગ્રેજી blog પર વર્ણવ્યો છે. […]

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