X-Lite setup for cheap VOIP calls from a computer

SIP Config SuperNerd VOIP Phone X-Lite Setup

SIP Config SuperNerd VOIP Phone X-Lite Setup

I wanted to try the flexi of calling from computer with managed addressbook, call history maintenance and higher quality while I am actively looking for my next job these days. So, I just setup and used the x-lite on Supernerd‘s Ultimate Naked ADSL2+ plan offering 140GB (70 / 70) for $59.95/mo. Enjoying the service so far. That comes with a outgoing VOIP feature with pay-as-you-go like payments at cheap call rates.

  1. Download and install x-lite from http://www.counterpath.com/x-lite.html
  2. Start the application and right click on the phone like main interface screen and choose SIP Account settings if it does not automatically lead you there on starting.
  3. Ignore the empty account and click Add to jump to a screen where the screen looks like the picture above.
  4. Visit your modem-router’s admin page (i.e. in my case, as visible in the background of the image above) and go to a section for configuring VOIP calls (voice > SIP Configuration at in my case).
  5. Copy the information from the relevant fields as indicated by arrows in the image. (call your ISP for configuration details, if empty).
  6. Click OK to save and close the dialogs to return to the Phone interface, dial a number and get connected.

You have to have VOIP services in Broadband plan, and have a compatible modem-router to allow making VOIP calls from computer. You may want to test the functionality with an regular analog phone plugged in the modem-routerĀ  first. You may need to call customer care especially technical support department of your Broadband provider (1300 888 090 for SuperNerd) for these configuration (especially the number and authorisation password) details beforehand. You can tweak the account config further as I have unticked the “Check for VoiceMail” from the VoiceMail tab on account properties page as I don’t have an incoming call facility on this service (We have three 3 mobile phones in home, almost one-per-head which is more convenient for the usual callers, free 3-to-3! so why pay extra $5/mo on rarely incoming phones on VOIP phone?)

The information provided here may not be complete and is an overview only and try at your own risk as depending on your broadband subscription, the call charges vary.


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